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    Контрольная работа по английскому языку

    Упражнение 5.5.1. Придаточные, выражающие предшествующее действие\состояние
    6.    The Seven Years' War was the only truly decisive European war of the messy I8th century, and in some respects determined the balance of power for the 19th. More than 70 years passed before France endeavored to rebuild a great colonial empire, and then it would be based on the Mediterranean and the Far East, not the Atlantic.

    7.    But at the same time, the large Western funds are nervously braced for surprises in a market [Russian market] that has become known for major surprises and provides a regular run of superlatives, good and bad. The benchmark RTS stock index had been the world’s top-performing stock market in both 1996 and 1997 before it virtually disintegrated in the ruble crisis of 1998 and then made another breathtaking ascent fr om that trough.

    8.    This is the third successive European championship in which England has taken part wh ere violence has erupted. In 1980 police had to fire teargas into fighting fans before peace was restored at the opening math.

    9.    Elizabeth disliked society balls, and soon found a means of avoiding them. Her father had suggested that she enroll on a course for motor mechanics before she got her first car, and she used the fact that her fingernails became encrusted with oil and grime as an excuse for avoiding social functions.

    10.    Two tourists from Gloucester were injured when a wild buffalo charged a group of 16 trekkers in northern Australia. A boy aged 17 was gorged and a girl aged 16 knocked down before the animal fled.

    11.    A U.S. government surveillance plane flying over northern Peru identified a small air fact carrying American missionaries as a possible drug flight and passed the information to the Peruvian Air Force shortly before a Peruvian fighter jet shot it from the sky, U.S. sources said. A woman and her 7-month-old daughter were killed by rounds of fire from the Peruvian plane on Friday.

    12.    The cost to the flora and fauna of this magnificent island has been immense; much of the essential tussock grass and other plant life flattened into a morass of gooey mud, nesting sites destroyed, fish stock decimated, many other beautiful beaches dangerously inaccessible. The balance of nature must be  restored before further catastrophic damage occurs.

    13.    The Labour party has changed so much in the approach to this week’s conference that it can only be a matter of time before it changes its name also.

    14.    It will become time before Nick Park forgets Tuesday, May 24, 1994. He was evacuated from one hotel snubbed twice by television, involved in a shoot-out and evacuated from a second hotel.

    15.    At least three hundred thousand applications were made for the fifty thousand new shares. As it was impossible to satisfy them all, it was several weeks before a list of fortunate new shareholders could be made out, during which time the public impatience rose to a pitch of frenzy.     

    5.5.2 Придаточные выражающие последующее действие\состояние
    6.    Nigel Dempster, the veteran Daily Mail gossip columnist, was branded a liar by a judge yesterday after losing a two-year legal battle against a drink-driving charge. Dempster, 61, who was arrested in February 2001 after crashing his car into a lamppost after drinking a bottle of wine, was banned from the road immediately.

    7.    An RAF Tornado shot down in Iraq in a "friendly-fire" incident was the victim of a faulty American Patriot missile system, an investigation has claimed. The United States military originally said the fighter-bomber was to blame after the two-man aircrew failed to switch on equipment that identified the aircraft. (Т., Apr. 10, 04)

    8.    The television agent Mike Hollingworth has had his fair share of woman trouble in the past, what with his difficult divorce from the presenter Anne Diamond and his turbulent affair with the radio disk jockey Harriet Scott. Hollingworth says that after his last tussle with a woman - when he sued the presenter Kristy Young after she had sacked him as her agent before negotiating her own contract with ITV - he felt like giving up his job. (Sunday Telegraph, Jan. 27, 02)

    9.    On October 1st 1511, after I had been living for some time in Florence at a house belonging to 'someone' to whom Master Andrea had recommended me (you shall learn his identity shortly), Cardinal de Medici had been appointed Legate to Bologna and the Romagna by Julius II. (D. Madsen)    

    Упражнение 5.5.3. Придаточные, выражающие действие/состояние, одновременное с действием/состоянием в главном предложении
    6.    Mr. Smith says he was confronted by the Cabinet Secretary, Sir Robert Butler, and admitted taking bribes in the region of Ј25,000. He was not sacked for another 10 days, when the Guardian published the story.

    7.    A New York State trooper just finishing his night shift at 3 A.M. died when his car flipped over after he fell asleep at the wheel.

    8.    A 70-year-old man was seriously hurt when he was run over by his own car as he tried to prevent it being stolen at Hexam, Northumberland.

    9.    Nicole Becuwe was 12 and living in the French department of Pas de Calais when she overheard her father asking her mother for a divorce.
    10.    Stockholm: A thief who broke his foot and injured his back when he leapt through a court window in an escape attempt is suing the state for not guarding him closely enough. The 39-year-old man says his guards were not doing their job properly.

    11.    Cuba suffered its worst hurricane in more than 50 years when gusts of up to 125 mph battered the island, killing five people and destroying tens of thousands of homes.

    12.    Military history was made yesterday when a female soldier completed the eight-week commando course and won the green beret of the Royal Marines.

    13.    France yesterday blamed Britain for illegal immigrant crisis at the Channel Tunnel as its handling of security at the site was widely condemned. Nicolas Sarkozy, the new interior minister, said that immigrants continued to flock to Sangatte because of Britain's lax regime for asylum seekers. Last week M Sarkozy became the first French minister to visit Sangatte, when he spent five minutes there.

    14.    A psychiatrist who had sex with a woman patient claiming it was part of her therapy was struck off by the General Medical Council. Christopher Dare, 65, of Dulwich, South London, had a seven-month affair with the woman, which began when he kissed her while she was on his therapy couch.

    15.    "They beat their victim in a brutal way while he was lying defenseless on the ground," said the prosecutor Joachim Lichtunghagen, in his opening statement yesterday.

    16.    Mr Akrich had been trying to settle in Britain since 1989 and was deported twice before returning in 1996, when he married.

    17.    Louis Barton was five years old, and his younger sister Lily just born, when their mother decided on home education after failing to find a suitable local London school.

    18.    He speculated in articles of the first necessity, and made himself popular by buying up grain, honey, wines, and other produce, till there was a scarcity, when he sold it again at enormous profits.
    19.    In 2001 Macedonia went to the brink of civil war when a guerrilla army sprang out of the ranks of the ethnic Albanians who make up 25% of the population.
    20.    At least six people died when a bus carrying an ice hockey team crashed and caught fire in the Via Mala road tunnel on the A13 motorway, near the Swiss border with Italy and Austria, when a car swerved to avoid a wheel lost by another vehicle.    

    Упражнение 5.5.4. Смешанные случаи
    6.    Four patients were left unconscious on the operating table when surgeons had to stop work after a building contractor' digger hit a power cable and hospital generators also failed. Nurses had to use hand pumps to ventilate the lungs of three patients in intensive care during the 72-minute black-out at Basingstoke Hospital, Hants.

    7.    Two men at the centre of a double murder inquiry may have died after being hit by the same bullet at a New Year party, police said yesterday. They were at a party in Hackney, east London, when a gun was fired, hitting the first man in the neck before travelling through a partition wall of the flat and hitting the second man, police believe.
    8.    A 41-year-old man who fired a 2-ft arrow at a policeman, missing narrowly, before barricading himself in his house in Southampton for 20 hours has given himself up. Police were called after the man who has a history of mental illness, threatened to set fire to the property.    

    Упражнение 5.5.5. Придаточные со значением условия
    6.    The dream gave me a real shock. I had to get up and light a candle and read for an hour before I could sleep again.

    7.    In addition, a small but vocal group of dissident South Korean churchmen and politicians have publicly called on President Chun Doo Hwan to cancel the visit to Japan unless and until Emperor Hirohito offers a formal apology for the harsh treatment of Koreans during the long years of colonial rule.

    8.    Every school has its dark underside. It may be that the adults in it know very little about the dark side of pupils' lives, unless or until some dramatic incident bring a new awareness of what has been going on around them.

    9.    He [Slobodan Milosevic] has in recent years made the odd trip to Russia (for peace negotiations over Kosovo) and to Greece (which is traditionally pro-Serb). But the International War Crimes Tribunal on the former Yugoslavia has yet to accuse him of anything, and unless and until it does, he is probable safe, even outside his own country.

    10.    The euro will not stage a convincing recovery unless and until Europe begins to deal with its deep-rooted structural problems.

    11.    Vice President Dick Cheney's recent tour of the Middle East created the public impression that the Arab governments in the area are united and unmovable in their opposition to a U.S. military campaign to oust Saddam Hussein. Such a campaign, they declare, would be a catastrophe for the region; moreover, the Bush administration should not even consider it unless and until it can put an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.    

    Упражнение 5.6.1. Эмфатические конструкции, указывающие на начало действия или условие
    6.    One official here [in Shanghai] said Shanghai did not begin its explosive growth until 1992 because the Chinese leadership still feared attacks across the East China Sea from Japan.

    7.    Leslie Waddington, founder of the Waddington Gallery, London, was the first to raise suspicion over the authenticity of some works said to be Dubuffet. He knew Dubuffet and noticed that the paintings were in a style that the artist had abandoned well before the year he was said to have painted them. The paintings were also claimed to have been given to a curator of the ICA Gallery in London, but his widow knew nothing about them. In addition, an informal dedication from the artist to the curator, dated 1955, was written with a type of fibre-tipped pen that was not invented until 1964.

    8.    Every war is entitled to a name. World War II was a warmed-over name, and the Korean conflict was not at first even given the name of "war," which Vietnam rated until it was overtaken by "syndrome." And not until 1947 was America's intense but not- hot war against the Soviet Union named - in a speech by Bernard Baruch, written by Herbert Bayard Swope - the Cold War.

    9.    The safety-razor did not become general until a decade after 1901 when King C. Gillette of Boston, Mass., began to manufacture wafer-blades which were so cheap that they could be thrown away after being used several times and so do away with sharpening.

    10.    Lewis Lipsitz, chief of gerontology at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, likens the changing view of frailty to the change in the way Alzheimer's disease was perceived "Thirty years ago, Alzheimer's was thought to be an inevitable consequence of aging; we called it senility," he said. “It was not until people began to recognize the specific proteins that deposit in the brain that we began to realize that it may be treatable or preventable."

    11.    I have attended many continental socialist party congresses and have noticed that there is little rank and file participation. Policy making is totally in the hands of the leadership, and at the congresses it is not unusual for rank and file delegates not  to be called to speak until the evening or the early hours of the morning.

    12.    Mr. Gates, who became CIA deputy director in April 1986, has denied knowing of the diversion until it became public later that year.

    13.    Germany's constitutional court is not expected to rule until January on whether a legal basis exists for trying men like Mr. Wolf, but many senior lawyers already doubt whether there is one.

    14.    As a legal entity, the Financial Services Authority will not actually exist until the complex Financial Services and Markets bill has made its stately progress through parliament next year.

    15.    His father did not tell him his mother had died until two weeks later, when he came home for the holiday from Eton aged 14 (Т., May 21, 99)

    16.    The same is true of yesterday's proposal for Ј5,000 fines for parents who do not ensure their children go to school. Would it apply to Mr and Mrs T. Blair, who took their children abroad and did not return until after school started?

    17.    During the first Gulf War, the 159 reporters privy to the battlefield relied on an unreliable system of trucks serving as couriers to get their stories out of the country. Cellphones were prohibited TV viewers didn't know about the Army's celebrated "Hail Mary" maneuver, which flanked and routed the Iraqi Republican Guard, until a day after the war was over.    

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