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    Контрольная работа по английскому языку


         1.   Choose the correct words to complete each sentence.
    1    visit the factory in Itami next week.
    2    Have you lunch yet?
    3    We’re very hard this week to meet the deadline.
    4    fr om Brussels to Riyadh in October.
    5    We a staff meeting every Monday morning.
    6    They’ve to close the Barcelona office.
    7    My company brake parts for cars.
    8    My fight next Tuesday at noon and my first meeting is at two o’clock.
    9    She to New York about three times a year.
    10    We about two million dollars in R&D so far this year.
    11    I usually a taxi when I go to head office.
    12    We very busy these days.

         2.   Complete the conversation using the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
    A    How did you get your job at Solarworld, Hans?
    B    It’s kind of a funny story. I 13 (finish) university with a degree in IT but I hadn’t been able to find the job I wanted. So, while I 14 (look) for a real job, I got a job driving a delivery van for an office supply company and, at the same time, I was applying for lots of jobs in business.
    A    So did you apply to Solarworld?
    B    Well, I wrote them a letter and enclosed my CV but I 15 (send) a very short response saying they weren’t interviewing.
    A    So what happened?
    B    Well, I had to make a delivery to Solarworld one day. My company 16 (receive) their order for some desks the week before. And while I 17 (deliver) the desks, one of their IT guys was trying to fix a computer for a manager and he just couldn’t do it. The manager was getting really angry. So I asked if I could have a look. I think they were both shocked but they let me try.
    A    OK, I can guess what 18 (happen)!
    B    It was a basic problem and I solved it right then. And soon after, I was managing that guy who couldn’t solve the problem. The first thing I did 19 (be) to make sure he 20 (give) some training!

         3.  Complete the text. Use a, an, the or zero article.
    European stock markets
    Shares in the aerospace and defence group, EADS rose by 21  2 per cent to €29.89 on 22 announcement that Chile’s LAN Airlines had confirmed 23 order for 25 jets fr om the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus, 24  joint company owned by EADS and BAE Systems of 25 UK.


         4.   Choose the best word or phrase to complete these sentences.
    26    We need to _______________ decision-making to give middle management more control.
        a)    relocate    b)    relaunch    c)    decentralise
    27    Customer _______________ means consumers like to keep buying our brand.
        a)    image    b)    loyalty    c)    awareness
    28    Americans usually say _______________ for a ‘single’ ticket.
        a)    round-trip    b)    one-way    c)    return
    29    After the new team have had time to settle in, we’ll _______________ the situation.
        a)    reassess    b)    upgrade    c)    deregulate
    30    In London, people talk about the _______________ rather than the subway.
        a)    motorway    b)    lift    c)    underground
    31    When a famous actor says he uses a product, that’s called an _______________.
        a)    endorsement    b)    launch    c)    share
    32    When you reduce the number of employees in an office, you call it _______________.
        a) downsizing    b)    desizing    c)    resizing
    33    At the end of a meal, a British person usually asks for the _______________.
        a) check    b)    cost    c)    bill
    34    A market _______________ is customers of a similar age, income or social group.
        a) share    b)    segment        c)    leader
    35    We’ve built two new _______________ because we want to increase our stock of materials.
        a) outlets    b)    warehouses    c)    service centres
    36    We have staff in our _______________ answering the telephone and dealing with customer’s questions twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
        a)    call centre    b)    distribution centre    c)    subsidiary
    37    The _______________ department carries out research in their laboratory.
        a)    R&D    b)     customer services    c)    IT
    38    Our _______________ are in central London but we manufacture our products all over the country.
        a)    factories    b)    headquarters    c)    plants
    39    The _______________ department deals with payroll and all other money-related matters.
        a)    legal    b)    production    c)    finance

    5.    Complete the article with the words in the box.
    annual turnover            bankruptcy        equity           stake            dividend             recession
    Business headlines
    •    DVP has cut its 40 to 12p per share after two years of declines in 41.
    •    Leostone PLC has declared 42 after a year of heavy pre-tax losses.
    •    Abbott & Asher, the Newcastle-based pub chain owner, is suffering in the current 43 because consumers are spending less money going out.
    •    Burnside Group, which has a large 44 in Living Rooms, the high-street furniture shop, is making a further investment in an attempt save the chain from failure.

         6.   Match the sentence beginnings (31–40) with the best endings (a–j).
    45    Awareness of a brand is

    46    The American word ‘freeway’ is
    47    Downsizing is

    48     A video advert being sent from friend to friend by e-mail is
    49    The difference between the price of a product and the cost of producing it is
    50    A probationary period when you start a job is
    51    A tax on imported goods is
    52    If competing companies agree to hold prices at a certain level, it’s        b)    how familiar people are with it, or with its logo or slogan.
    h)    ‘motorway’ in British English.
    g)    when a company reduces the number of people it employs.
    c)     an example of viral advertising.

    f)    the profit margin.

    e)    usually three months long.
    d)    called a tariff.
    a)    called price fixing.


    7.    Read the article about brands and decide if these statements are true (T) or false (F).
    53    Advertising is by far the most important way of supporting a brand’s image. F
    54    Companies often don’t invest enough in counter staff.
    55    Customers may become loyal to an airline if they like the cabin crew.
    56    Spending money on employee training generally isn’t very beneficial to a company.
    57    Most companies need to understand more about how customers behave.
    58    Four Seasons and Virgin Atlantic have invested a lot in their people to build brand value.
    Brands through people
    By Simon Glynn
    What makes consumers choose one airline over another or one mortgage provider over its rival?
    Our research shows that your reaction to a brand depends on your experience of buying, using or owning it and not just on advertising. The most important part of that experience is often your personal interaction with people. This is an area that most companies don’t understand or invest enough in.

        Take airlines. Satisfaction with cabin crew contributes more to people choosing the same airline again than other factors.

        Why do companies not spend more on their people when there are clear benefits? Here are two common reasons.
    It’s too expensive
    Many organisations know that people matter. But they don’t invest in this area because they think it is a luxury they cannot afford. And it’s true that some role models, such as the Four Seasons hotel group or Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, would be too expensive for most to copy.

        But there are smart, affordable solutions that create a lot of brand value out of only a little customer interaction. First Direct earns the highest level of customer recommendation of any UK bank through just the telephone contact with its customers.

        Customers at QVC, the market-leading television shopping channel, value their interaction with the station’s people – in this case not the call centre staff who take the shopping orders, so much as the relationship that viewers believe they have with QVC’s onscreen presenters.
    The importance is not clear
    Satisfaction surveys can hide the importance of people. For example, choosing a mortgage is often very influenced by counter staff in a bank or building society. Research with customers at the critical stage, wh ere they have received a quote but not yet signed a document, shows that their interaction with the mortgage provider’s representative is the biggest single influence on their choice.

        It is bigger than perceptions of the products and fees, which are often the subject of the brand’s advertising and communications. Yet in the same research conducted after the loan is given, customers may have forgotten the good customer service they received and may focus more on general brand impressions. If you conduct your research at that point – and this is often the case – the very important role that your staff have played will not be clear.    FT

        8.   Read the article and decide if these statements are true or false.
    59    TV advertising in Spain and France costs more than in the UK.
    60    Even if a campaign is successful, returns on TV advertising are decreasing.
    61    Hovis had a successful relaunch last year.
    62    The public voted the Hovis advert best of last year.
    63    TV advertising was a very important part of the Hovis campaign.
    The UK is now the cheapest western market for TV advertising, according to analysts at Citigroup.

        Advertising here is 30 per cent cheaper than the next cheapest market, France, and well below much weaker economies such as Spain.

        ‘For successful campaigns, the return on investment for advertisers is therefore getting much, much better,’ says Marc Sugarman, media analyst at Citigroup.
        Hovis, the bread-maker which relaunched with a TV campaign last year, has benefited from the low cost of advertising.

        Developed for Hovis by advertising agency Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, the advert was voted best of last year by Campaign, the trade magazine.

        Hovis invested Ј15m in the relaunch, which included a new recipe and packaging, although the 122-second TV ad was the key element.

        The extra costs will put last year’s profits at Hovis below the previous year’s, Premier Foods, its owner, said in a trading statement this month, but added: ‘We believe we have built a platform for sustainable future profit development.’

        Hovis sales had fallen 11 per cent two years ago as it lost ground to Warburtons. But Premier now expects Hovis sales to be up 13 per cent for last year. Market share rose 2 percentage points to 24.3 per cent after the relaunch.

        Whatever the successes of the Hovis campaign, however, the prize for the best-known campaign of the year has to go to Cadbury’s Gorilla ad, winner of the television Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions, which the company says turned around years of declining sales and delivered sales growth.    FT

    9.    Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
    decline        down        fell        increase    recover
    64    From the previous year to last year, Hovis’s profits.
    65    Hovis believes that they will the advertising costs as profits increase.
    66    Hovis sales were 11 per cent two years ago.
    67    The relaunch led to a small in market share.
    68    The Gorilla ad stopped the in Cadbury’s sales.

          10.   Read the article and decide whether these statements are true or false.
    69    The meeting in Paris was about opportunities in the fashion business.
    70    The French government hopes to bring Arab money to France.
    71    Anne-Marie Idrac is a French investment banker.
    72    The first time a conference like this was held was ten years ago.
    73    Arab women have traditionally had a lot of control over money.
    Downturn will not stop march of Arab women
    By Roula Khalaf
    The women gathered in a splendid hotel in the heart of Paris on a recent rainy day. They had arrived in style, some sporting fur coats, others clutching Hermиs bags.
        Yet this was not a social event nor a fashion show. The guests were some of the Arab world’s top business¬women and their trip to Paris was to learn about business opportunities, even in today’s difficult economic times.
        They were letting themselves be charmed by the French government, which has suddenly discovered that the wealth of Arab women and their rising profile in the business world represents a good source of capital.

        Paris, the businesswomen were told, was now a financial centre. Its important contribution to the asset management business, they said, had turned it into the ‘Boston’ of Europe. ‘It is time to invest with us,’ declared Anne-Marie Idrac, minister for foreign trade. ‘You are welcome, you are welcome,’ she added.
        The Paris conference, organised by the Arab International Women’s Forum, would have been inconceivable a decade ago.

        True, many Arab women, particularly in the oil-rich Gulf, have always controlled big fortunes, largely gained through inheritance. But it is only more recently that they have sought to make their own investment decisions.

        It is also in recent years that the club of Arab businesswomen has expanded, creating a new class who have worked their way through family businesses or started their own companies. More confident and determined, Arab businesswomen today are better organised – and more widely heard.

        As Fayza Aboulnaga, Egypt’s minister of international cooperation, told the conference, the number of women’s business associations in her country has grown from a single one in 1995 to as many as 22 today. Higher levels of education as well as economic need have sent more and more women into the workforce. Islamic law, meanwhile, allows women to own property and maintain control over their wealth when they marry.    FT

            11.   Choose the best answer to each question according to the article.
    74    Wh ere have some Arab businesswomen begun work in business?
        a)    internships abroad
        b)    family businesses
        c)    women’s business organisations
    75    How have Arab businesswomen changed?
        a)    They’ve become wealthier.
        b)    They’ve begun doing business in Europe.
        c)    They’ve become better organised.
    76    How many women’s business associations were there in Egypt in 1995?
        a)    none
        b)    one
        c)    twenty-two
    77    How has education affected Arab women?
        a)    It has increased their ability to work.
        b)    It has decreased the amount of time they have available to work.
        c)    It has doubled their earnings, on average.
    78    What does Islamic law say about women’s wealth?
        a)    Wealthy women should give their money to their husbands.
        b)    They are not allowed to control property.
        c)    They are allowed to make financial decisions after they are married.

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